Al Hur has one of the best and the most

comprehensive portfolio in Global Aviation Services.

Al Hur has one of the best and the most comprehensive aviation services portfolio in global aviation services. Our services include general Sales and Purchase of Aircraft, Flight Management, Air Ambulance Services, Charter Services, Aircraft Maintenance, Spare Parts, Engineering, and in-flight services to name a few.

We follow the highest standards of quality; stringent safety standards as well as customer satisfaction that ensure our clients gets the best value for their money within the ideal timeframe.

Aircraft Sales & Purchase

We are established partner to many civil and military aircraft manufacturers in all main categories; Al Hurdeploys the most advanced engineering, well-defined framework and compliance to the best industry practices, we focus on the success of the project for our clients.

We value what our clients require from us, our experience, expertise and commitment to excellence, provide the best services catering to Sales-Purchase of new and old Aircrafts.

Aircarft Maintenance

Safety in aviation is our topmost priority. We have a team of aerospace engineers with detailed technical knowledge and expertise for performing routine and exclusive maintenance.We’ve a team of the best aircraft engineers, who are well versed with construction, maintenance and repair of aircrafts.

They cater to comprehensive aviation engineering ranging from cabin upgrades and modifications etc. We can handle the most complex of repairs and offer high quality of solutions within the stipulated timeframe. Our comprehensive aircraft engineering services comply with the best safety measures and can integrate with your existing system or products to solve various complexities.

Spare Part Suppliers

Al Huris one of the world’s leading suppliers of equipment for both civil and military airplane engines, and helicopter turbine engines. Offering outstanding performance, our systems and equipment include: power transmissions, lubrication and cooling components and assemblies, engine control units and filtration components.

The power transmission, also known as the accessory gearbox, is a mechanical device that taps part of the engine’s power to drive essential systems for both the aircraft (electric and hydraulic) and its engines (oil, fuel and electric).Al Hur is leader in landing and braking systems for both civil and military airplanes and helicopters, including: landing gear, wheels and brakes, as well as associated systems (steering, landing gear extension/retraction, braking control, monitoring).

Flight Managment Services

Al Hur assists our clients with regulatory permissions, customer service support, flight operations, ground handling support and related services.Accurate and timely filing of all required logs and certifications for International and domestic trip and crew scheduling.Planning and implementing a system of periodic training, proficiency checks and in-flight monitoring, maintenance scheduling, dispatch, flight following and flight plan filing etc.Interviewing, hiring, testing and monitoring of crews. We set the highest standards for crew and aircraft operations.We plan and supervise all required inspections, maintenance manufacturers’ manuals, record keeping and maintenance by certified technicians/engineers.We provide a monthly statement verifying and paying of all aircraft related bills,operating budgets, reports and a breakdown of all aircraft expenses and flight time.

Aircraft Charter Services

Al Hur offers On Demand, personalized Charter services to both Domestic and International destinations. We are fast emerging charter operator in the region committed to highest standard of comfort and safety.Welcome to Al Hur, Thank you for your interest in our charter services, please call us at ——-for immediate assistance. All information provided will be highly confidential and will not be exposed to any third parties.

Air Ambulance Services

We provide custom-made help across all borders and organize short notice medical air services to ensure the best possible care for all patients regardless of insurance cover we help you anywhere in the world, we handle communication with public authorities, consulates and clinics at your discretion and maintain the highest medical standards.

Our Business Expertise

Industries we serve in

Our Business Expertise

Al Hur Group has +24 year of delivering ROI for its Global Clients, both for Government and Private organizations, be it large scale Procurement of Automobiles, Aircraft, Agricultural Products, Textiles, Garments, Electronics Consumer’s and Industrial goods or developing enterprise software application.

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