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Promote values of honesty and ethical conduct in each employee

Maintain a corporate climate in which the integrity and dignity of each individual is valued

At Al Hur, believing in human resource is our organizational culture, our people is the most valuable investment towards achieving our business goals. In today’s ever-changing and challenging global economy, we have not only set our vision and standards high but we have also achieved our business goal

Our strength is our culture and diversity, the only way forward to grow together as a strong cohesive global organization is through our biggest assets, OUR PEOPLE. We offer numerous opportunities to our employees in a culture that rewards to performance and support to meritorious appraisal

Al Hur, we support each employee grow to its full potential through better learning and development opportunity, we try to ensure their professional career is the most happy, satisfying and long-lasting. Our motive is to attract and retain the best talent to work with us; we strive to make AL Hur become the most aspiring work place for the job seeker

We welcome and thank you for choosing Al Hur to grow together

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Our Business Expertise

Al Hur Group has +24 year of delivering ROI for its Global Clients, both for Government and Private organizations, be it large scale Procurement of Automobiles, Aircraft, Agricultural Products, Textiles, Garments, Electronics Consumer’s and Industrial goods or developing enterprise software application.

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