Al Hur provides world-class Customs, Freight Forwarding

Sea & Air Cargo and Warehousing Services 

Al Hur is one of the best freight-forwarding firms, our offer includes international freight forwarding, clearing &forwarding, loading &unloading, sea& air cargo, warehousing, logistics, and transshipment etc.

Al Hur provides world-class shipping and has been one of the leading logistics providers for many years. Our stranglehold in the market and expertise in the field with an extensive network of partners in various countries helps us meet urgent transshipment requirements for our clients.

Custom & Freight Broker

Custom Clearing Freight Brokering is one of the main fortes of Al Hur. We offer shipment consultancy, export and import custom clearing, shipment formalities,communication with the key authorities and complete documentation. Because we offer everything right from the scratch, our clients rely on us for various solution tailored to suit various mediums and destinations globally

Many years of extensive networking and creating perfect understanding with the cargo departments of various shopping lines, we are confident of providing the apt solutions that our clients hope for. The technical know-how, resources, experience and the equipment make us stay on the top of our client requirements. Also, we make sure that the log of the consignment movement is maintained perfectly so that they know that the cargo is in complete control and in good hands. All this is done with the help of experienced staff and intricate computerized systems.

Sea & Air Cargo

We are known for providing the most prompt air cargo freight forwarding service to our clients. We have specialized air cargo agents and have an excellent working relationships with almost all the major shopping lines. This helps us address our entire client needs, even if they are urgent and need to be taken care of within a short timeframe.

Using the modern equipment and our ultramodern system, they ensure that your shipment or cargo is safely delivered on time. Our services include pickup and drop of cargo, processing everything flawlessly and handling the shipment before and after the flight.

Al Hur has the best sea shipping line agent having the license to operate container loads and handle cargo. We have worked within tight schedules only because our personnel have the rare ability to provide the best customer service that reflects in their success. Reliable and worry-free transportation is the mainstay of our foremen, who bring to the table extensive experience and expertise in lashing & securing of cargo, arrange loading, stowage on board the vessels as well as supervising a wide array of other operations. Some other related areas where we serve include cargo control, providing supercargo assistance, securing and warehousing, cargo planning among others. Our staff makes sure that each process in shipping the cargo is precise, efficient and makes everything streamlined and at the same time, we never compromise on the quality and safety aspects.

General Warehousing

At Al Hur, our primary concern is the needs of our customer, which drives how we work. We are committed to provide the best services in shipping to them, including complete warehousing and cross-dock operation. Our cargo warehouse and delivery solution along with comprehensive warehouse management systems helps us build a great rapport with our clients. Also, we focus on providing them rapid services on demand at anytime; maintain superior quality, which makes us a trusted name in cargo warehousing solutions.

Our warehousing facilities are situated in various parts of the world and are maintained in the best way possible. We offer our clients secure long term and short-term storage solutions. No matter what the warehousing requirements are, we make sure that it is handled in the most secure way and given utmost priority.

Container Loading & Unloading

Al Hur has a team of the best full-service cargo loading and unloading experts, who can handle all the process of the shipment process. Over the past few years, we’ve grown confident in handling large volumes of container shipments. This is why and how we can perform all the operations with utmost ease and efficiency.

With our expertise and experience, we make it a point to ease the burden and help you streamline all sorts of shipments safely and securely. This is what makes our services the best option for standard, large-volume, fragile and bulk shipments.Having the best professionals on board, we make it a point to ensure that your freight reaches its destination on time and handled in the best way from start till the end.

Leave it on our experts to load, discharge, ballast and de-ballast, supervise and plan everything in between.We’re world leaders in global container shipping and provide efficient, reliable and high quality shipping services.

Our Business Expertise

Industries we serve in

Our Business Expertise

Al Hur Group has +24 year of delivering ROI for its Global Clients, both for Government and Private organizations, be it large scale Procurement of Automobiles, Aircraft, Agricultural Products, Textiles, Garments, Electronics Consumer’s and Industrial goods or developing enterprise software application.

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